About us

NUPTIAL wedding salon is a deserved leader in wedding fashion and is popular with brides from all over Uzbekistan. For over twenty years, NUPTIAL wedding salon brings them pleasure with its gorgeous wedding dresses from around the world. Its status as a recognized leader in the wedding industry NUPTIAL has repeatedly proved by numerous nominations and prestigious awards.

Over the years, the NUPTIAL wedding trademark established a reputation as a trendsetter and created a Master standard of wedding taste and style. A peculiarity of most models is not only an elegance, light forms and smooth lines, but also the royal luxury and creative sophistication. Collections are formed according to the fashion trends and needs of our clients while maintaining the uniqueness and individual style. NUPTIAL offers its customers the best models and novelties of the world wedding fashion.

You will always be in trend with our service!

NUPTIAL wedding salon is an official and exclusive representative of the French, Italian, Spanish, American and other top makers of wedding dresses (you can find the list of partner companies on our website). All of these companies have a long history and are very popular in Europe and USA.

Our foreign partners coming to the exhibitions where we regularly take part give the NUPTIAL wedding salon a high appreciation comparing our work with the level of European boutiques.

Each of the companies that we represent have their own special unique style that, along with constant updating and completing our assortment allows us to offer wedding dresses for any and every taste. And the last but not least, we offer you a wide selection of various wedding dresses 

you can try on and evaluate the quality of sewing and trimmings.

Dresses of NUPTIAL are the dresses for a sophisticated fashionista. The popularity of the NUPTIAL wedding salon is determined primarily by its courteous and experienced staff that helps creating every bride her individual look, emphasize youth, beauty and dignity of her figure. NUPTIAL salon can rightfully be called a Studio of wedding dress. A group of fashion designers will work on your appearance. We will help you make a conscious choice, take into consideration all the preferences and wishes. Create a truly memorable and delightful appearance. We will develop an individual concept of your style, in which every detail will have its place and you dress of choice will be the subject of genuine admiration.

Our wedding salon offers alteration of wedding dresses to the figure. In our salon you not only can adjust the length and width, but change components of a dresses, in some cases make changes to the model and even order a wedding dress on your sketch. We give all the possibilities to the brides to express themselves as fashion designers. In our salon on your option we perform additional refinement of wedding dress with Austrian Swarovski crystals jewelry and Japanese beadwork, sequins and pearls.

NUPTIAL wedding dresses salon is located in the very center of Tashkent and works daily, allowing you to choose a convenient time to visit even for brides with a busy schedule. Here you can look through the whole range of the products and find the most interesting and spectacular models. We consider wedding dresses as an art: each model is a unique dress, it consumes a piece of fashion designer’s soul and of course, it adorns the bride. Our wedding dresses are the embodiment of elegance and femininity.

Besides the models presented in our salon we offer dress by catalogs. We delivered the dress especially to you within three months. In that way you can choose any exclusive model. Those wishing to buy a fancy wedding dress will find haute couture models in our collection.

The advantages of the NUPTIAL wedding salon over other wedding salons in Tashkent are numerous:

1. Individual approach to each client.

2. Optimal price and quality ratio.

3. Free alteration of all dresses to fit you figure.

4. Convenient working hours schedule.

5. Experienced and courteous staff.

6. Convenient location.

Regardless of the pricing policy a NUPTIAL bride is always elegant and splendid.

Let NUPTIAL take care of you to be the most beautiful bride and the dress choice to become your pleasure.

Choosing a wedding dress of your dreams, you can be sure that with our professional assistance, you will be magnificent!

We are glad to see you in NUPTIAL!